Friends of Irby Library

About FOIL

FOIL activities to date have included numerous topical evenings featuring speakers on a wide range of subjects. Coffee mornings and summer afternoon teas have always proved to be popular.
FOIL has been active in supporting special Library events such as IRBY from the Iron Age which was fascinating. Special children’s events such as The Wild Owl Trust providing children with essential knowledge of the importance of wildlife and the environment have also been a feature.

OwlFOIL also, in a practical way has taken into account the overall environment of the Library, ever wanting it to be a pleasant place to be in. We have financed 50 chairs for use at meetings, three book carousels including a special centrepiece to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen.
We have renewed and renovated the window blinds throughout the Library. We have provided a sound system to enable speakers to utilise a microphone allowing all the audience to hear clearly.
This is a summary of what FOIL is all about. To continue with this activity of course, we need the help of the community as a whole. We welcome your suggestions.
You may have pulled your book off a display cabinet funded by FOIL, the book itself may have been purchased with funds from the FOIL book sponsorship scheme and you may have sat down on a chair provided by FOIL to read it.

FOIL therefore aims to make the library more attractive and used more, as there is also the more serious problem brought about by the need for the Council to cut expenditure. More library use is good for Irby (and any Wirral) residents and makes keeping the library open far more justifiable. FOIL came into being to fight library closure and that is still one of its main concerns.


See our NEWS page for details of how your library needs YOU.

50 Years of Irby Library

It looks new...
Celebration cake

But its fifty years old

The present library building opened in 1964 and to celebrate 50 years there was of course a party. The Mayor and First Lady were able to come and celebrate with us and...
but its 50 years old...


children from Dawpool School & Irby Primary School came, after all children are great library users. Indeed it seemed at times there was no room for anyone else to join in, so crowded was the library. .

and still going strong!


Since then of course all the crumbs have been cleared up and you can visit the library in its 6th decade and enjoy books and the benefits of the internet.