Friends of Irby Library



Contact FOIL

You can contact the secretary by e-mail; "Contact" sign


Alternatively you can write to the friends "care of" Irby Library:

c/o Irby Library
Thurstaston Road
CH61 0HE

How you can Help

Is your Library worth £2?
£2 Coin

Staffing reduced, hours cut

Will you help? Joining FOIL costs a mere £2pa and if you wish to become involved at events (only if you wish of course) you will be very welcome and sure to make new friends.
Read more on our membership page.
Book Sponsorship

Get your name in a book

By making a donation of £10.00 or more, a book, or books, will be purchased on your behalf and a Certificate of Sponsorship featuring your name will be affixed inside the book.
Save Wirral's Libraries

38 Degrees Petition

We call upon the Leader and the Chief Executive of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council to maintain a viable library service, staffed by suitably qualified employees for all the people of the Wirral. Visit the 38 Degrees site .